UNO Medical Group

UNO Medical Group was established in 2019 as the main business unit of the healthcare and medical technology sector (“HealthTech”) in Essex Bio-Technology Limited (stock code: 01061.HK). Believing in “Our Values Define Life”, UNO Medical is committed to develop a one-stop healthcare platform that integrates artificial intelligence system and novel medical technologies for detection, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, an eco-system in the healthcare industry, for the providers, patients and other participants to achieve the best healthcare outcome socially and economically.
Under UNO Medical Group, it has three operating units;
  • UNO Clinic
  • UNO e-Clinic
  • UNO Technologies
UNO Clinic
UNO Clinic is a chain of physical medical clinics under the UNO Medical Group, which features intelligent technology and precision diagnosis for  treatment, aiming to create special outpatient specialties to solve intractable diseases and fulfill medical needs within the community. The primary services provided in UNO Clinic are diagnosis and treatment for common diseases, frequently-occurring diseases, seasonal diseases, and chronic diseases, as well as disease prevention, health management consulting. The first brand flagship clinic - UNO Clinic (Shenzhen. Nanshan) has commenced business operation since 2019 at a floor area of nearly 1,000 square meters.
UNO e-Clinic
UNO e-Clinic is an online medical technology healthcare platform adjunct  to UNO Clinic and other community clinics. The on-line medical technology platform is integrated with EMR, Data Analytics, Medical AI solutions, VSM, VR etc. to enable effective online consultation and patients’ care.
In addition, it offers medical practitioners to publish & share their clinical experiences, achievements to each other online and for CME purpose at their convenience. Enabling sponsorships from commercial institutions in the medical industry to advance specific medical knowledge to both the medical practitioners and patients.
Scan the QR code and download the UNO e-Clinic App

UNO Technologies

UNO Technologies is an Asia Focused Health-Tech business with its HQ in Singapore. Established in 2015, We have provided our clients in the healthcare sector across the region with intelligent, scalable clinic management and electronic medical record systems.

Our system provides accurate, up-to-date and actionable data to help physicians, clinics and individuals take smarter decisions. It also helps clinic administrators to run and optimize their business with intelligent tools and efficient processes.

At UNO Technologies, we believe in leveraging AI (artificial intelligence) to develop solutions that will transform the way healthcare professionals and companies engage both their patients and external stakeholders. With data analytics tools, a series of healthcare solutions will proliferate through UNO’s open API (application programming interface) architecture, to seamlessly integrate with other web-based solutions, so as to evolve into a web-based ecosystem of solutions for the healthcare industry at large.
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