Change of Company Logo Represents a Transformation for Essex Bio-Technology Pioneering Global Regenerative Science & Technology
2018.03.06 Download
Hong Kong, 28 February 2018-- ESSEX BIO-TECHNOLOGY LIMITED (“EssexBio” or the “Company”-Stock code: 1061) is pleased to announce that the Company’s logo has been changed with effect from 28 February 2018. The Company’s old and new logos are set out below for identification purpose:
The Company’s new logo represents a transformation for EssexBio, evolving into a new development horizon, pioneering global regenerative science & technology.
The dominant colors of blue & green and the design together represent the corporate characteristics of EssexBio as being dynamic, creative, and visionary. The corporate characteristics of EssexBio are built upon the corporate culture of EssexBio -- the sense of responsibility, urgency and belonging, and being innovative and cooperative. Leveraging on the Company’s internal strengths, EssexBio strives consistently to achieve its core value in delivering unmet drugs for blessing of people at large.
In the past years, EssexBio has established a comprehensive internal capability and capacity to develop, manufacture and commercialise genetically engineered therapeutic rb-bFGF, and thus built its core competence of bio-pharmaceuticals in the field of Ophthalmology and Dermatology. Furthermore, the Enrichment Program initiated since 2015 enables the Company to expand into new markets of Stomatology, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Neurology, Oncology and Orthopaedics.
Under the Enrichment Program, the Company proactively seeks to invest in and forge strategic alliance with companies, in the People’s Republic of China (the “PRC”) and overseas, having first-in-class, novel bio-pharmaceutical projects at various stages of research and development and clinical program primarily in ophthalmology, stomatology, oncology and neurology. To-date, a total of approximately US$24.7 million has been invested in a total of 7 entities; such as AC Immune SA, Abpro Corporation and MeiraGTx Limited.
The investments as a whole would complement EssexBio’s research and development and as enablers to advance its ambition to expand and build new strengths within the company. Evidently, the knowledge of EssexBio in protein engineering and specifically in fibroblasts growth factors (FGF) will be expanded in new fields of neurology through the investment and R&D collaboration with AC Immune whilst the investment in Abpro will allow Essex to leapfrog its peers and enter into immuno-therapy in the field of Oncology and Ophthalmology.
Tomorrow’s today, the new future is emerging; EssexBio is pragmatically moving forward to creating greater and sustainable economic and social values for all stakeholders.
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